CarryOn Homes at The Commons

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CarryOn Homes at The Commons was a multi-functional pavilion hosting the stories of immigrants in Minnesota, where individuals came together to explore the concept of home through community gatherings, workshops, live performances and personal reflection. Home is a universal idea that transcends divisions by race, religion, gender identity, and class. At home, we belong, we feel safe and we are loved. 

This interactive sculptural installation reimagined the home as an open structure. Walls disappear, while invitations to engage appear in the multiple forms of a stage, a colorful mural, a reflecting garden, a photo gallery and a sculpture built from repurposed suitcases.

CarryOn Homes at the Commons was awarded with the 2018 The Creative City Challenge, a temporary public art commission program conceived as a showcase for local creative talent, Minneapolis community identities and a tangible symbol of the complex stories that make up the many narratives within our urban landscape. Each year the winning work is showcased at the Northern Spark festival

The Creative City Challenge is a program of the City of Minneapolis’ office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy and presented by Northern, and The Commons

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Artists involved:

Aki Shibata (COH)

Peng Wu (COH)

Preston Drums (COH)

Shun Jie Yong (COH)

Zoe Cinel (COH)

Peter Kramer (Architect fo CarryOn Homes at The Commons)

Courtney Cochran (intern videographer)

Max Geiger (production intern)

Anika Duckwall (gardening intern)

Jae Shin Cross  (volunteer coordinator)

Kristen Murray  (light designer)

Hadi Sajadi (proposal engeneer)

Shun YongThe Commons