Caravan - Collective Exhibition
to Dec 13

Caravan - Collective Exhibition


The most recent World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report highlights “large-scale involuntary migration” as one of the top issues affecting our world and humanity as a whole. Curated by William G. Franklin, this collective exhibition shows artistic collaborations by MN-based artists and activists on the subject of migrant caravans.

 Artists featured:
Maria Cristina Tavera - Shaun Chadwick

Rubén Urrutia - Sahari Orozco

Preston Drum -Peng Wu - Peng Wu - Aki Shibata - Shun Jie Yong - Zoe Cinel (Carry On Homes)

Gustavo Torres - Patricia Hibbard

Alonso Sierralta - Lisa Loudon

Jonathan Herrera - Martin Gonzalez

Douglas Padilla - Lela Pierce - David Monson

Xavier Tavera - Jennifer Frisbie-Mukarram 

Ana Laura Juarez - Dennis Madamba

Ed Charbonneau - Jeremy Szopinski

Luis Fitch - Luis Albieri Fitch

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Hamm Park Autumn Art Celebration
2:00 PM14:00

Hamm Park Autumn Art Celebration


The 2019 Hamm Park Autumn Art Celebration is an opportunity for immigrant communities to get together and share stories of belonging and home, using the CarryOn Homes public art installation as a stage and reminder that art can connect people beyond cultural differencies.

In partnership with Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center, Cypher Side and East Side Arts Council

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Mn Artists Presents: CarryOn Homes
5:00 PM17:00

Mn Artists Presents: CarryOn Homes

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

How and why do we learn the way we do? CarryOn Homes invites 4 Minnesota-based creatives who have experienced immigration or emigration to re-envision the museum as an experimental classroom. Through installations, performances, workshops, and more, participants can share resources and discover new paths for education.

Featured artists:

Nooshin Javadi Hakim

Pedram Baldari

Tou Saik

Valerie Oliveiro

More info:

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