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of our immigrant and refugee friends in Minnesota have been invited to our studio with an object they carried along in the trips from their home countries to US. Here are our stories.  


CarryOn Homes at The Commons - public art installation 

Winner of Creative City Challenge 

We are excited to announce that CarryOn Homes has won the Creative City Challenge 2018 commission to build a multi-functional pavilion hosting these stories of immigrants in Minnesota, where individuals come together to explore the concept of home through community gatherings, workshops, live performances and personal reflection. Home is a universal idea that transcends divisions by race, religion, gender identity, and class. Join us at The Commons park in downtown Minneapolis, as we celebrate the immigrant cultures from around the world that have come to call Minnesota home.

This interactive sculptural installation reimagines the home as an open structure. Walls disappear, while invitations to engage appear in the multiple forms of a stage, a colorful mural, a reflecting garden, a photo gallery and a sculpture built from repurposed suitcases. This experience is free and open to everyone, everyday, beginning June 15, 2018 and lasting throughout the summer. This project was made possible by the City of Minneapolis’ Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program in association with Northern Lights.MN and The Commons.

This public installation is a collaboration of five artists from five countries: Peng Wu, Shunjie Yong, Aki Shibata, Preston Drum, Zoe Cinel. 

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Essma Imady

Came from Syria in 2011

"There are people here who helped me make peace with parts of myself that people have always been against back home. But I mean, there is also parts of me here they rejected... but do you know what I mean? like I found acceptance here and I found people that I love, this is their home." 

 Srivalli Kundurthi (Valli Kundurthi)

Came from India in 1997


Micke Gasterland-Gustafsson

Came from Sweden on September 25, 1997


Clement Vaccaro 

Came from France in December 2009

Story Audios are being edited... coming soon!


Xiaohan Ma 马小涵

Came from China in 2014


Peng Wu 吴朋

Came from China in 2011


Shun Yong 

Came from Malaysia in 2007 


Meng Zhang

Came from China in 2013 


Jessie Tan

Came from Malaysia in 2004


Pouya Rostampour

Came from Iran in 1997 


Zoe Cinel 

Came from Italy in 2015


Jun-Kai Teoh

Came from Malaysia in 2008


Billy Wong

Came from Malaysia in 2002


Isabel Sin

Came from Malaysia in 2010


Hua Hong Gan

Came from Malaysia in 2009


Jeremy Chong

Came from Malaysia in 2010


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