My Story is My Home: Collaboration with Mia Mobile

Yi Wan for My Story is My Home, Peavey Park, Minneapolis, MN, 2019

Yi Wan for My Story is My Home, Peavey Park, Minneapolis, MN, 2019


“My Story is My Home” asks the simple question: what is home to you? Whether near or far, exploring these feelings about home can be a powerful experience capable of healing and connection within yourself and with others.

CarryOn Homes partnered with the Minneapolis Institute of Art on summer 2019 to bring an art and storytelling activity to parks and festivals in Minneapolis, MN.

COH invites participants to write down their stories of home on a sheet of origami paper that can be folded to form a house that holds the memories, sensations and emotions that may no longer be at arm’s reach. This seemingly insignificant action represents the massively complicated journey that immigrants, migrants and refugees undertake every day.

To begin the conversation CarryOn Homes has invited five different immigrant artists living in the Twin Cities area to translate their ideas of home into a visual language for you to correspond with. If you are at a loss for words, draw a picture or just leave it blank and their designs will carry the story.

Guest Illustrators:

Isabela Cruz

Joi Yao

Yi Wan

Xiaojie Liu

Xingzi Lian

Shun Yong